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Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w

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Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w

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Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w

UV-A Grow more flavourful and potent plants. Enhance your light spectrum by supplementing your grow room with the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer. 

UV-A and Plant Growth: Natural sunlight contains UV spectrum in a typical ratio of 95% of UV-A to 5% of UV-B. UV-A can increase plant biomass and enhance the production of secondary metabolites. UV-A also has similar effects to the blue light spectrum on plant growth. The blue light spectrum produces shorter more compact plants with hardened growth. 

UV-A Usage: We recommend supplementing UV-A throughout the full life cycle for your plants alongside your main lighting fixture. Disclaimer: Different plant species can tolerate different amounts of UV Radiation. UV-A radiation is harmful to plants when too intense or used in excess. If prominent damage to your plant occurs, reduce the UV-A exposure time.  

Manual and Specs

Height 9.000000
Width 9.000000
Length 63.000000
Weight 1.700000

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