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pH Balance for Efficient Nutrient Uptake

pH Balance for Efficient Nutrient Uptake Rich Hamilton | January 4, 2021Takeaway: One of the most important yet overlooked factors in hydroponics is maint…

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Avoid These 5 Mistakes In Your Hydroponic Setup

A hydroponic system can be an easier way to grow plants as you have control over the climate and conditions the plants are growing in. Once you've decided t…

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What Lighting To Consider For Your Hydroponic Setup

All hydroponic setups need sufficient lighting to compensate for a lack of direct access to natural sunlight. Choosing the best lighting options for your h…

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How Hydroponic Farming Can Benefit The Environment

Hydroponic farming is an innovative agricultural system that offers enormous benefits to consumers without literally costing us the earth. The system is uniquel…

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How To Ensure Your Hydroponics Setup Handles Temperature Changes

One of the challenges in hydroponic farming is keeping the temperature under control in their indoor garden. In an indoor grow room, there are two factors …

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Hydroponics vs aquaponics – which is easier?

Choosing the right growing method for hydroculture gardeningAs traditional agriculture impacts heavily on our environment and the supply of available farmland c…

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Are hydroponic nutrients safe?

How nutrients work with other parts of your gardenAccording to the World Health Organisation, there are an estimated 600 million cases of food-related illnesses…

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What’s The Difference Between Hydroponics And Aquaponics?

As farmers have started to realise that soil-based farming has too many limits, alternative methods of growing plants have been developed. Hydroponics and …

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Understanding The Difference Between Hydroponics Nutrients

As hydroponically grown plants aren’t anchored in the ground, where do they draw their food from? Plants are fed when nutrient solutions are added to…

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How Long Does Hydroponic Farming Typically Take?

A problem that conventional farmers grapple with every day is slow harvesting times. In a world where larger volumes of produce are demanded in shorter interval…

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Determining The Right Reservoir Size For Your Hydroponics System

One of the critical factors that can affect a successful hydroponic growing system is figuring out the right size of reservoir to use. Pick too small a reservoi…

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Choosing The Right Grow Tent For Your Hydroponics Setup

One of the reasons why grow tents are so popular with hydroponic farmers is that they’re easy to use. Setting up the tent and adding on the requ…

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