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Hortitek GrowBoard LED Grow Light 440W Full Spectrum

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Hortitek GrowBoard 440W Full Spectrum

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Hortitek GrowBoard 440W Full Spectrum

Hortitek GrowBoard is designed with the grower in mind, with a PPF of 2.45 umol/J and maximum 1100 umol/J is one of the highest output boards on the market.

 Fully dimmable 25% 50% 75% 100%, modular design and the highest IP65 water resistance rating. 

The 440W will replace a 600w HPS fitting with less power.

Hortitek uses Diodes & Drivers which are manufactured to Western Electrical specifications.

Thus ensuring consistent performance, reliability and build quality.

All lights parameters (PPF & Efficacy, CCT, CRI) , electrical parameters (Watt, Amp, Vol, PF, THD) features (connectability, ports, dimmers)  are available in the manual.

The Hortitek Growboard comes pre-assembled tested and Certified by Western Electrical Australia, meeting National and International standards.

 To learn more about the importance of rigorous third-party testing and quality control, please visit westernelectrical.com.au

Height 66.000000
Width 12.000000
Length 66.000000
Weight 9.136000

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