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Eden Seeds Carrots All Seasons

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Eden Seeds Carrots All Seasons

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Eden Seeds Carrots All Seasons

Main Queensland variety, also popular in NSW. Virus resistant, roots 20cm. 65-80 days.

Very nutritious vegetable originating from central Asia. Richest vegetable in vitamin A. Used by ancient Greek physicians as stomach tonic, known in Roman times and widely used as a vegetable by 13th century. Sunny spot. Good in all soils, likes well drained friable soil, fertilized for previous crop. Thin to 20-50mm and use thinnings as baby carrots. Sow seed direct, keeping seeds moist, can cover with hessian or similar till germination which is usually about 5-6 days, then uncover to let light in. Rotate crops to prevent disease build-up. Cleaned carrots store well in cool conditions. Sow spring, summer and autumn, best not sown in heavy frost. 

600-900 seeds per gram

Carrot planting information:

When To Plant In Australia

Tropics: Feb-Nov

Subtropic:           Feb-Nov

Mild:      Sep-May

Cold/Frost:         Sep-Feb

Seed Sowing

Plant space cm: 2-5

Row space cm:  25-30

Depth cm:           .5-1

Best soil temp:  10-30 °C


Other Info

Number of seeds per gram:         600-900

Rate per hectare:             3-4.5kg

Average days to maturity:            65-90

Height 0.800000
Width 8.000000
Length 13.500000
Weight 0.007000

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