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TrolMaster Tent X 4RS-2A Device Station Kit

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TrolMaster Tent-X 4RS-2A Device Station Kit

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TrolMaster Tent-X 4RS-2A Device Station Kit

*Please note that the 2A version is suited to Australian plugs

The 4RS-2A is a universal 4-outlet device module kit that can be directly connected to the Tent-X controller through RJ 12 cables. It takes up 4 device modules from the controller and comes with 4 outputs that are defaulted from left to right, including DSTx1, DSHx1, and DSPx2. The power cable is directly connected to the socket, making installation quick and easy. With a total amperage of 10A, users can power multiple devices at once, each output capable of providing up to 10A. 

Works seemlessly with the Tent-X TCS-1 main controller. It provides the ability to control 4 separate AC electrical devices. Each device has individual control settings. You can control equipment like fans, an AC unit, heater, humidifier, dehumidifier and any device you have that needs to be controlled using precision digital timers. The unit comes with plug and play receptacles making connections to your equipment simple and it is ready to use out of the box.

Note: The product sold here is equipped with Australian 240V AC plugs.
Product images included here are from the USA, specific to their marketplace, and for indicative purposes only.

Height 11.000000
Width 180.000000
Length 29.000000
Weight 2.000000

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