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Trolmaster Hydro-X CO2 Device Station DSC-2A

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Trolmaster Hydro-X CO2 Device Station DSC-2A

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Trolmaster Hydro-X CO2 Device Station DSC-2A

Image for display purposes comes with AUS plug  

CO2 Device Station( DSC-2A)(Australian Plug) (DSC-1 = USA Plug)

The TrolMaster DSC-2A CO2 control / device module allows user the to easily connect and control standard supplemental CO2 devices or CO2 exhaust controls to the Hydro-x. Any CO2 device that is 10-amps @ 240 volts or less can be controlled by the DSC-2A.

LED status:
* Blinking green FAST: If the LED is blinking quickly, that means the module has not been addressed to the controller OR that module does not have a good connection to the controller. *Pressing the small button on the module will address/link the module when first installed.
* Blinking green SLOW: If you see a slowly blinking green LED, that means the module is addressed and connected to the controller, and the module is currently turned OFF.
* SOLID green: If you see the LED is on solid (no blinking) that means the modules are addressed, connected and currently turned ON.
* Blinking red: If you see the LED change to blinking red, that means the module has been overloaded. To reset the overload unplug the module from the power.

Package Content 

1 x Device Station DSC-2A

1 x 16ft RJ12 Cable

1 x 4ft RJ12 Cable

1 x RJ12 T-Splitter

Height 13.500000
Width 8.500000
Length 8.000000
Weight 0.382000

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