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Grove Bags TerpLoc 1/4 Oz 7g Pouch Window

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Grove Bags TerpLoc 1/4 Oz 7g Pouch Opaque

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Product Code: N1934

Grove Bags TerpLoc 1/4 Oz 7g Pouch Opaque

TerpLoc™ creates the optimal microclimate for storing flowers and herbs by regulating the relative humidity in the packaging while protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality. TerpLoc™ is designed to provide peace of mind.

Eighth ounce approx 7g

Grove Bags TerpLoc® product line is the evolution in packaging the industry has been waiting for. Designed around the plant's physiological properties, it utilizes a blend of several film elements to create the optimal climate inside every package.

Oxygen & Humidity Elements

These two TerpLoc® elements work in unison to diffuse oxygen, slowing down the respiration process and allowing excess water vapor to be diffused to prevent mold growth and preserve product potency.

UV Element

This TerpLoc® element provides premium protection from harmful UV rays that continuously cause degradation, decreasing the potency of packaged herbs.

Durability & Odor Elements

These two TerpLoc® elements work in conjunction to guarantee maximum puncture resistance during packaging & transport, ensuring the potent smell of product is contained within the packaging.

Anti-Static Element

This TerpLoc® element creates a neutral charge down the packaging sidewall to prevent the active components, from being stripped off product.



Height 1.000000
Width 10.000000
Length 16.500000
Weight 0.005000

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