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Grotek Cal-Max 4L

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Grotek Cal-Max 4L

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During periods of high temperature or accelerated growth your plants can develop nutrient deficiencies. Grotek Cal-Max was developed to provide much needed calcium, magnesium and iron to help support your plant. Grotek Cal-Max can be used as both a treatment for and a preventative. Always shake well before use and store in a cool dark place. Grotek Cal-Max is suitable for use in soil, coco and hydroponic systems. MIXING GUIDE: Soil and Coco: 5ml per 4 Litres of water. Use as required. Hydroponic systems: 5-8ml per 4 Litres of water. Use as required. Foliar: Mix 5ml per 2 Litres of water. Use as required.

Height 29.000000
Width 13.000000
Length 20.000000
Weight 5.213000

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