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Grotek Bud Fuel 1L

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Grotek Bud Fuel 1L

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Grotek Bud Fuel 1L

The nutrients in this formula help support flower development and overall root structure. Using during pre-flower and through early bloom development can help each flowering site grow and produce a more uniform fruit set.  Bud Fuel™ is recommended for use on all annual flowers, vegetables, herbs, containers, and hanging baskets.

Application Rate: 1L makes 400L of solution. Hydroponics: Mix 10 ml of Bud Fuel per 4 L (2 tsp /1 gal) of fertilizer solution in your reservoir. Continue to use Bud Fuel every time the fertilizer solution is changed. Soil/Soilless Applications: Mix 15 ml of Bud Fuel per 4 L (1 tbsp /1 gal) of fertilizer solution. Water each plant with the mixture. Continue to use Bud Fuel with every nutrient feeding.

Height 21.500000
Width 10.000000
Length 9.334000
Weight 1.164000

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