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Eden Seeds Chilli Jalapeno

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Eden Seeds Chilli Jalapeno

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Product Code: T7033

Eden Seeds Chilli Jalapeno

Small oval bright red fruit to 30mm diameter up to 75mm long, prolific, firm thick flesh, bush to 1m, most widely eaten, first chilli in space in 1982, added to anything you want to spice up, known dried as chipotle chillies. 65-80 days. Heat 5. 


Grown the same as sweet Capsicum. Used fresh or dried and suited for pickling. Range from mildest Heat 1 to hottest Heat 10.

 120-160 seeds per gram.

Chilli planting information:

When To Plant In Australia

Tropics: All Year

Subtropic:           Aug-Mar

Mild:      Aug-Dec

Cold/Frost:         Sep-Nov

Seed Sowing

Plant space cm: 40-50

Row space cm:  90-120

Depth cm:           0.6

Best soil temp:  18-35 °C


Other Info

Number of seeds per gram:         130-190

Rate per hectare:             500g

Average days to maturity:            65-80

Height 0.800000
Width 8.000000
Length 13.500000
Weight 0.005000

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