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Aptus BreakOut Powder 1KG

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Aptus BreakOut Powder 1KG

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Aptus BreakOut Powder 1KG

Aptus Breakout Powder provides great value for small and large scale cultivators as an easy to use flower setting and bulking product.

Breakout Powder is formulated using the highest quality water-soluble concentrates of phosphorous, potassium, and sulfur helping to achieve higher yields and better taste.

With its easy-measure formulation, APTUS Breakout powder takes the guess work out of application rates. Accurate application can be done in the field with no scales or extra devices. Aptus Breakout Powder is an economical, stable and powerful flower enhancer that promotes additional flower growth and development in the last 3 weeks of the bloom phase.

Height 4.634000
Width 6.000000
Length 8.000000
Weight 0.114000

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