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10th December 2018

Determining The Right Reservoir Size For Your Hydroponics System

One of the critical factors that can affect a successful hydroponic growing system is figuring out the right size of reservoir to use. Pick too small a reservoir, and your plants won’t receive enough water and nutrients. Consider a hydroponic plant’s needs to be similar to that of a growing human being. A child requires more and more fuel as they grow into an adult, and in the same manner, hydroponic plants also require more sustenance as they grow. Here’s what you should be thinking about when picking a reservoir.


Water/Nutrient Solution Per Plant Ratio


One of the most useful guidelines for determining the right size of reservoir to use is first to decide the number of plants you’ll be harvesting in the system. The next step is to consider what size they’ll be when fully grown. Once you have the required information, you can then apply the following guidelines:


  • Small-sized plants – Approximately 1.5 - 2 litres per plant (minimum)
  • Medium-sized plants – 3 to 5 litres per plant (minimum)
  • Large-sized plants – Around 10 litres per plant (minimum)


A good idea is to mark the water level with a permanent marker in your containers so that you know where the different water levels should be and you don’t have to measure again.


It’s important to remember other factors that will impact the size of your reservoir and the moisture needs of your plants. These include the following:




Humidity has a significant impact on the water a plant needs in a hydroponic system. In low humidity conditions, plants breathe out water vapour faster, and as a result, the roots drink up more water to replace the water breathed out. In high humidity conditions, plants exhale less water vapour as the air is already heavy with it, and therefore the roots don’t have to replace water as quickly.




Next to humidity, temperature is another critical factor in hydroponic systems. As temperatures increase so does a plant’s dependence on water and plant food. Root zone temperatures should also be considered, as too high a temperature underground can put the plant under stress.


Duration of light


Plants use a large amount of water during photosynthesis which is influenced by the duration of their exposure to light. The more exposure to light, the more water a plant will use.


Need more expert advice on how to choose the right size reservoir? The knowledgeable and staff at Hyalite are more than happy to assist. Find your nearest store or contact us today.

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