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Expert Hyalite is part of a group driven by continuous scientific experimentation, R&D and deep knowledge of the hydroponic landscape. Whether developed by the group’s Nutrifield® and Western Electrical arms or hundreds of other manufacturers worldwide, Hyalite sources products that drive ever greater efficiency, improved yield and hydroponic field innovation.Wide-range With more than 1000 SKUs offered, Hyalite has the world’s largest range of hydroponics products, with bulk stock on hand. Hyalite is a ‘one stop grow shop’ and can accommodate hydroponic indoor gardens of any size, for large commercial fruit and vegetable growers to urban home farmers.Accessible There are 8 Hyalite retail stores in Australia and 12 stores in New Zealand. This gives Hyalite customers access to the world’s largest range of hydroponic products and expert advice whenever they need it.


One Stop Grow Shop

We exceed expectations by ensure we are truly a One Stop Grow Shop through large stock and brand availability.

Harvest a Greener Future

We grow tomorrow through contributing knowledge to our customers and support to the community to harvest a greener future.

Remain Competitive and relevant

Our proposition is paramount with bulk buying power, solutions for all budgets and an incline to brand solutions which add the most value, Hyalite has you covered.

Growing Tomorrow

We look to engage and develop the gardener of tomorrow irrelevant of knowledge or size to ensure we keep Growing Tomorrow.

Knowledge and Service

Each encounter is enriching with knowledge and service that makes you leave with a smile and a lasting impression.

Making hydroponics more accessible

We continue to expand our horizons to welcome new gardeners with more locations in Australasia.

Our People and Partners

Engaging the knowledge and skills of our people and partners are crucial to offering our gardeners the harvest they require.

From 1998, then busy Global Hydroponics shop in Melbourne has expanded into the Hyalite retail chain – today, with 8 stores across Australia and 12 stores across New Zealand. Part of The Dome Group – the world’s largest vertically-integrated hydroponics manufacturing, wholesale and retail group – Hyalite has built its success and reputation on offering cutting-edge technology, unmatched product range depth and leading advice, support and service for both beginner and expert hydroponic gardeners. Hyalite offers a suite of products to maximise yield through sustainable water and energy use, for garden productivity far-surpassing conventional gardening results. Hyalite continues to be at the leading edge of the hydroponic market, pursuing new wave solutions to make soil less gardening more accessible than ever before.

Hyalite offers the leading range of quality, innovative products for hydroponic systems. For the inexperienced, the hydroponic environment can seem complex, so Hyalite offers expert, personalised advice for those hydroponic gardeners. Taking into account the hydroponic system, plumbing and water tanks, pumps and heaters, environmental, lighting, growing media, nutrients and additives, Hyalite can guide each gardener to the right mix for their needs. From beginner starter kits to more complex commercial integrations, Hyalite prides itself on finding the right solution for every customer.