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16th January 2019

Understanding The Difference Between Hydroponics Nutrients

As hydroponically grown plants aren’t anchored in the ground, where do they draw their food from? Plants are fed when nutrient solutions are added to a hydroponic system to act as fertiliser, and they’re available in concentrated liquid form so that the food reaches the plant roots faster.


Each solution usually contains essential minerals and compounds that deliver optimal results, as well as macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and micronutrients (boron, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, sulphur and zinc) that plants require a little less of. Figuring out what nutrients to feed your plants can be overwhelming with so many products available, so here’s how to select the right product and administer it.


A Basic Guide To Choosing Hydroponics Nutrients Solutions


Growers can choose from 1-part to 4-part nutrient solutions:


  • One-part nutrient solutions


Experts often suggest that beginner hydroponic growers start with one-part nutrient solutions. These types of nutrient products take the guesswork out of feeding hydroponic plants and are easy to use. In addition to this, one-part solutions are also low in maintenance, and there’s less of a risk of making mistakes. To administer this solution, make sure that you shake the bottle well and then add it to your water reservoir as per instructions on the packaging.


  • Two-part nutrient solutions


Another choice often used by novices is two-part nutrient products. Once you have a better understanding of liquid-based nutrients and how they work, you can graduate to two-part solutions. One benefit of two-part formulas is that they contain extra micronutrients that deliver overall health and faster plant growth. By this stage, you’ll have witnessed how your plants respond to added nutrients, so you can adjust it accordingly.


  • Three-part nutrients solution


A significant benefit of three-part products is that these allow growers better control over plant growth. It’s critical that growers follow the recommended feeding schedule, or else they run the risk of either over or under-feeding their plants, which will have a significant impact on your yield.


Hydroponic nutrient products are uniquely engineered to work with hydroponic systems and ensure excellent plant growth. A rule of thumb is to always opt for the nutrients designed for hydroponics only. For a great range of one-, two- and three-part solutions and advice on the best solution for your needs, check out our full range of nutrients online. We can help you begin your journey to successful hydroponic farming today.

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