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Osram Fluence Spydr 2p 630w LED

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Fluence Spydr 2p Full Spectrum 630W

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Product Code: M4055

Fluence Spydr 2p 630W Full Spectrum LED


SPYDR 2p is designed for full-cycle, close-proximity cultivation in controlled environments and multi-tiered vertical applications where even one wasted inch is one too many. SPYDR 2p is a full-cycle top lighting solution for commercial plant cultivation, with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. For optimal results, we recommend SPYDR 2p deployed in environments with C02 supplementation between 800-1400 ppm in reproductive growth stage due to high PPFD levels. SPYDR 2p builds on the previous generation’s SPYDRx PLUS performance.

Fluence recommends mounting SPYDR 2p fixtures 6” above the top of your canopy to guarantee optimal light uniformity, penetration and flux density above a 4’x4’ canopy.

The SPYDR 2p is your full lighting solution, containing a power supply, cable, and mounting hardware.

PPF: 1550 µmol/s Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J Input Power: 631W @277v

Height 100
Width 72
Length 12
Weight 16

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