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Lucius Flex-R Full Spectrum 680W


Lucius Flex-R Full Spectrum 680W

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Product Code: M2143

Lucius Flex-R Full Spectrum 680W

The LUCIUS FLEX R provides growers with the latest OSRAM LED technology in a 6-bar robust design.

Utilising 680W, the R series technology adopts enhanced red diodes to achieve a PPF efficacy of 3.5 mol/J channelling an output of 2,380umol/s.

Each bar is built to last with an innovative IP65 rated silicon that protects the LEDs without compromising light output. Delivering optimal growth, crop after crop.


  • High Efficacy 3.5 mol/J
  • IP65 Rated Foldable Design
  • Low Ceiling Installation Full Cycle Spectrum Osram Diodes Controller Compatibility

Box Contents:

  • LED Fixture
  • Driver Mount (x2) 3.5mm Signal Cable 2m S-Hanger (x2)
  • LED Driver
  • Input Power Cable 2m Rope Rachet (x2)
  • M5 Eyebolt (x2)
  • Output Cable
  • Output Extension Cable 2m Lance Hanger (x2)
  • FLEX R Manual



Power            680W

Voltage Range/Frequency           100-277V ~ 50/60Hz

Current 120V           5.84A

Current 208V           3.37A

Current 220V           3.18V

Current 230V           3.05A

Current 240V           2.92A

Current 277V           2.53A

PPF Efficacy            3.5umol/J

Max PPF       2380umol/s

Colour Temp           4000K

CRI     60%

PF       >0.95

THD   <12%

Beam Angle 120°

Dimming       OFF/20/40/60/80/100% & 0-10V Led Control

Thermal Management       Passive

BTU/h 2320

Size    1170 x 1115 x 41mm 46.06 x 43.90 x 3.11"

Weight            8.5±0.5kg    18.7±1.1Lbs

Working Temp        -30°C to +45°C (-22°F          to +113°F)         -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

IP Rating       IP65

Warranty       4 Years

Height 70.000000
Width 124.000000
Length 12.000000
Weight 13.000000

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