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Gnatural 15g

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Gnatural 15g

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Product Code: D0795

Gnatural 15g

GNATURAL (Water Dispersible Granule) biological larvicide offers effective control of fungus gnat larvae.
It is not effective against the Adult fungus fly/Gnat – just its offspring larvae which can live in the root system and damage the roots of the plant.

Application: Use as a drenching solution, mix 1g to 10L of purified water, stirring until powder is dissolved. pour working solution over soil/root base of affected area.

Results occur within 12 hours after ingestion by insect larvae.

Strict Instructions: Do Not Mix contents with dirty or alkaline water.

Ideal Operation: pH = 5.6 with 1% tolerance at 10% slurry

After mixing, use working solution within 48hrs.


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