When you buy a hydroponic system, you might have thought of a variety of different accessories and equipment to add to it, like lighting. But have you made sure you have the right level of ventilation? Ventilation can be crucial when growing plants in a hydroponic setup for several key reasons. Without this as part of your set up, the results of your hydroponic system could be affected.


Better climate control for plants

Climate is very important when growing plants and this is actually one of the key reasons to use a hydroponic system in the first place. With a ventilation unit in place, you can get a great control over the climate for your plants, including humidity which should be around 40-75%. You can change the climate around your hydroponic set up depending on the type of plants you want to grow.


Reduces heat from lighting

Don’t forget that when you are growing your plants in a hydroponic system, you will probably be using indoor lighting. Lighting is essential for plants to grow when they have limited access to sunshine. However, it could also cause higher levels of heat than what your plants require which can cause damage. With a ventilation system, a steady airflow can reduce this level of heat.


Prevents mould and bacteria build up

Bacteria can be a serious issue when you are growing plants or vegetation in a hydroponic system. It can impact how well a plant grows or even kill them. As such, you do need to think about what causes mould and bacteria to grow. In this case, a low level of airflow can create damp conditions which will create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould. A proper ventilation system can ensure a constant airflow which will dramatically reduce this issue.


Eliminated odour emissions

When you grow a plant indoors, they can emit an odour that can be quite unpleasant. A ventilation system will regularly refresh and purify the air and stop the build-up of this odour.


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