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9th January 2020

How To Ensure Your Hydroponics Setup Handles Temperature Changes

One of the challenges in hydroponic farming is keeping the temperature under control in their indoor garden. In an indoor grow room, there are two factors where temperatures are crucial; the ambient temperature of the room and the temperature of the water and root zone of the plants.


The optimal temperatures for a hydroponics farm are as follows:


The room: 28 degrees

The water: 22-23 degrees

The root zone: 24-26 degrees


Temperature is one of the major environmental conditions that can put your indoor plants at risk, as the higher the temperature climbs, the more damage can occur. On the flipside, plummeting temperatures can slow your plant productivity.


To effectively control the heat, here are a few effective strategies you can use to handle temperature changes in your hydroponics farm.


Controlling Temperature In Your Hydroponic Garden


An advantage of hydroponics is that it gives you complete control over your plant’s environment. The temperature in an indoor garden is usually raised by the presence of HID (High-intensity discharge) grow lights or the combined effect of all electrical equipment (dehumidifiers, CO2 generators and pumps) you make use of.


As neither of these elements can be removed from the setup, you need to find a way to expel the hot air out of your grow area while at the same time, bringing fresh air in. Constant flowing cool air is vital in a growing area as plants don’t thrive in a steamy, hot environment.


There are many ways you can keep your hydroponic gardens cool. Some of these include:


  • Positioning your grow lights further away from your plants, reducing their exposure to radiant heat. This is a particularly good strategy for when your overall environment is hot, such as during a heat wave.
  • Buying temperature control accessories, such as water heaters and chillers, to keep the roots of your plants cool.
  • Adding a fan to your indoor garden to lower the temperature. This option is both portable and affordable, and a cooling fan such as the Mountain Air fan, is a great option.
  • Extending the grow area to allow for improved airflow with an increase in the volume of air – a good option if you have space.


With a great range of products available ranging from oscillating clip fans to thermostatically controlled nutrient heaters, monitoring and controlling the temperature in your hydroponic garden is easier than ever. You can find these products and other temperature control equipment by browsing our online catalogue today or visiting your nearest store.

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