For home growers looking for an all-purpose nutrient to aid in the healthy growth of hydroponic plants, there are many good reasons to include silica in your plant’s diet. Silica is a natural compound comprised of multiple minerals, offering plants essential nutrients to stimulate growth. But this is just a fraction of the benefits they provide.


Hydroponic plants have a particular need for fertilisers fortified with silica. This is because, unlike plants grown in soil, hydroponically grown plants have no direct access to the small amounts of silica contained in soil.


Here’s why silica should be included in your fertilisation regime:


1.    Strengthen cell walls

Silica is used to fortify cell walls that promote healthy branches and stems.


2.    Improved resistance to environmental stressors

In the same way that a human body is protected by its immune system against illnesses and disease, silica works to protect plants from environmental stressors that adversely affect their growth. Silica protects plants through a protective layer of coating to enable them to hold out against extreme environmental conditions and continue to grow in spite of rising temperatures or low moisture conditions.


3.    Fights off fungal infections

A plant uses silica as a protective measure against the threat of infections and diseases. The extra mineral support that strengthens cells hinders pathogens from attacking the plant.


4.    Maximise use of carbon dioxide

Plants fertilised with silica make better use of carbon dioxide that encourages the growth of lush green leaves and reduces the risk of leaves drooping.


How to use silica to promote plant growth

Ideally, silica should be included in the fertilisation regimen from the initial stages of seeding right through to harvest time. For most advantageous effect, silicone should be used as part of a soluble nutrient solution. Products can be either used as root feed or in the form of a foliar spray.


Monosilicic acid vs Potassium Silica

Unlike potassium silicate that requires microbial activity for bio availability, a slow process where only a small portion becomes available to the plant, monosilicic acid is the fastest, most effective way to deliver the optimal benefits of silicon to your pants. Power Si or Aptus Fasilitor is a product recommended by Hyalite because of its highly concentrated formula and superior absorption rate.


Hyalite can help you create a healthy and thriving hydroponic system. Discover the range of silica products on our website.