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28th July 2020

How Hydroponic Farming Can Benefit The Environment

Hydroponic farming is an innovative agricultural system that offers enormous benefits to consumers without literally costing us the earth. The system is uniquely designed to function independently of soil and uses just a tenth of water required to irrigate an open-field and create a similar amount of produce. As climate change and water scarcity become an increasing concern for the entire world, hydroponic vegetable farms could be the answer to meeting the demand for farm fresh, nutrient-rich and chemical-free produce. Here are some of the other benefits this form of high-tech agriculture offers the environment.

It uses water more efficiently

The water efficiency afforded by hydroponic farming is a hugely attractive benefit that addresses the issue of water scarcity. Unlike in traditional agriculture where 70% of water passes through subsoil (taking with it precious nutrients), hydroponic agriculture uses up to 90 % less water, resulting in less wastage and nutrient-enriched water supply.

It eliminates the need for heavy pesticides

As hydroponic farming doesn’t require soil, there‘s less need for herbicides or pesticides to protect the plants from insects and pests. Indoor growing also reduces the possibility

It uses less land

Compared to conventional farming, hydroponic systems provide more produce with less land. There is no need to remove trees or clear land for farming as hydroponic systems can be suspended in mid-air for additional space saving. In addition to this, grow pots can be positioned close to each other without any adverse effects on plant growth rate.

It uses less finite fuel

A huge factor in the cost of farming is having to transport produce from where it can successfully grow to where it’s required. With a hydroponic system, produce is grown locally, reducing the need for long-distance transport, which relies on fossil fuels and can produce harmful emissions. It also keeps produce fresh.

The world we’re living in is changing, which raises serious questions over future food production. Hydroponic technologies have provided an eco-conscious alternative to tackling this issue. If you’re interested in starting hydroponic farming, find a variety of products from instructive books to systems and pots, at Hyalite. Browse our online store to explore more hydroponic products.

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