Clay balls are a versatile grow medium widely used in the hydroponic industry. These balls perform a number of essential functions in hydroponic systems, from providing an additional support structure to enhancing ventilation and nutrient absorption – all of which are essential for growing healthy plants. Clay stones are environmentally friendly and have a balanced PH, which makes them suitable for use with a diverse array of plants.


To produce this grow medium, pieces of clay are fired in a kiln using a process that causes the stones to expand. The extreme heat used in the manufacturing process contributes to making the clay stones a sterile substrate. The stones retain their round shape even when placed in water, which is what makes them ideal for hydroponics.


The benefits of clay balls in hydroponic systems


Clay balls have found particular favour with hydroponic gardeners who utilise flood-and-drain systems. This is due to the many benefits these balls provide.


1.    Root structure support


Clay balls work to secure the plant’s root structures, and in this way promote growth and stability. They keep the plants securely in place. Without this support structure, the plants would first float on the surface before dropping to the bottom of the pan or tray.


2.    Effective drainage


There must be a good drainage system in place to keep the root systems of hydroponically grown plants healthy. Because of their round shape and porous quality, the clay balls allow for excellent drainage.


3.    Stimulation of growth


Indoor plants need three essential elements to ensure their development and growth: moisture, nutrients and air. Clay balls – stones or expanded clay as they are sometimes called – help to deliver all three growth-stimulating essentials.


4.    Moisture


Hydroponic systems require an adequate and effective water supply system and the ability of clay stones to retain moisture aids in this function.


5.    Nutrients



Clay stones absorb the nutrients required and facilitate their delivery to the plants.


6.    Ventilation


Due to the lightweight and porous nature of clay stones, they enhance ventilation required by the roots of plants.


Clay balls are ideal for growing plants in a hydroponic system. Improve the health of your hydroponic plants with superior quality clay balls from Hyalite. Browse our online store and start your hydroponic system today.