Have you always wanted a house overflowing with beautiful, healthy plants, but don’t have a green thumb? Instagram is awash with images of rooms filled with magnificent plants, but what you don’t see is the time and energy spent planning and nurturing these indoor jungles. To create this look, you need to invest time and energy to your plants on a consistent basis. And to give yourself the best chance of success, use these 5 easy-to-implement steps to grow flourishing indoor plants. 


Five steps to growing healthy indoor plants: 


Step 1: Decide between a hydroponic or a soil system


These very different methods of growing plants each have their own space requirements. Hydroponic systems require less room than soil systems, but you will need to factor in the space in which to work and any climate-management tools you’d use, such as a dehumidifier. To help you choose the best system for your needs, it pays to do some research into each option. 


Step 2: Prep the space


Once you’ve chosen the system, the next step is to prepare the room in which the plants will live. Establish how many plants will be able to grow in the space, as well as the types of plants you want to grow. Your choice of plants will be influenced by the quality of the ventilation in the room, the amount of sunlight the room receives, and the temperature in the room on an average day. Different plants will thrive in different parts of the home depending on these factors. 


Step 3: Ensure proper ventilation


Good ventilation is crucial as it keeps the plant cool, helps control humidity and also minimises the risk of plant infections.  


Step 4: Install lighting if necessary


High-pressure sodium, LED and fluorescent lights are three of the most popular types of lighting that have no adverse effect on plants. High-pressure sodium and LED lights often have built-in fans to lower the temperature in the room. Fluorescent lights usually emit a lot of heat, so you may need to keep a fan going in summer to keep the temperature down and your plants happy and healthy. 


Step 5: Manage grow room temperature


Factors such as temperature, humidity and C02 are all influential in managing climate control. There are a number of management tools available to make it easier, including humidifiers, humidistats, thermometers, fans, CO2 drips, CO2 generators and light timers. 


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