All growing media is not equal, while it may be tempting to just grab the cheapest thing available do you know what you are actually getting?

In our industry, results and consistency matter, hence why Hyalite only stocks RHP certified Substrates.

RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees that the substrate meets the right quality requirements for water and air content, pH and for example EC. It also guarantees that the substrate is pure and clean and it can be used without risks for the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw materials production until processing and delivery at the company of the user.

Based in the Netherlands, The RHP foundation is responsible for the certification of substrates used for Consumers and Horticulture. If you buy RHP certified substrates, the complete process from base material to production and storage is guaranteed. Companies who bear the RHP-Horticulture. Have to verified by a certification institute (CI). The CI is then accredited by the Accreditation Board. The requirements of the products are such that it complies with the demands of Professional growers.

Substrates and Substrate components that carry the RHP quality mark satisfy the highest chemical and psychical requirements, free of pathogenic germs.

The RHP quality mark guaranties quality, stability and crop safety.